Newest survival road rewards


Has the rewards for SR been posted yet??


Not on vk


not yet but am sure it will be copy paste of previous same crap


Thank You Barb!


Lol you are probably right lol



Meh, I need that tripod, but all the effort to get there. Meh


What a shit rewards.(exept 6* gear)


It’s a faction tourney though, the above VK shots saying solo are wrong


vk is never wrong, scopley and jb 8s wrong


Actually, in this instance, they were initially wrong


The good - Liliths and Medals

The bad - Crap farmable gear for the first 3 sections

Seriously no one wants a single 3 and 4-star trainer or a single piece of farmable gear. If you insist on giving them out can’t they be at least in a decent useful amount? Like 5 of each trainer and 6 of each piece of gear? Would that really break the bank? :smirk:


What effort?

Autofill press go, 8x, log off. 2 hrs later log on, rinse repeat.


Pretty sure what you just described is the “what effort” he was referring too.

Yeah, we all know SR is easy peasy but it is also mind-numbingly boring. Having to check in every 2 hours unless you want to pay for cans twice a week is ludicrous. For a few pieces of mostly farmable gear, it does hardly seem worth the effort and is absolutely not worth spending a single penny on.

Yet at least ten people do spend in every single region twice a week.


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