pls tell me newest regions, i’m old player but now i wanna comeback

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Unless you’re gonna end up paying in the new regions then you’re gonna be behind a lot of people in a week.

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The newest regions are locked now.

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Yeah, my friend is in a new region and i cant move my baby account to help them move up

Seriously, as Red Reaper and Pregolori say, turn back, just turn back now, you still have a chance. If you are absolutely set on coming back you CAN create a new account on a totally clean device (so if your old account was on an apple machine you can link it to an alternate gamecentre account), and it will place you in the most recent region opened, but unless you intend to spend, temper your expectations.


Check all of the regions. Look for one that has the Transfer button greyed out (new region, not open to transfers)

Then choose one of those that has Low population.

This is how you can find a newer region

Good luck

You will probably have to wait a year or more till a region opens for transfers.

I hope she is still playing after that long, with everything going wrong.