New "You Got Lucky" Issue


Same here


Oh no!

Adding @Agrajag and @Shawn.Scopely for visibility!


I had it earlier and did the level up and it disappeared,but I aborted 10 missions now it’s back in cool down on my screen looks like for me this will be an ongoing aborting mission task to retrieve it.


@LadyGeek All four of my Scavenger camps are level 20. I’ve finished the world map.

@Katolo Seems like a decent theory, but at least one of my camps was empty all weekend long.

You know, part of the problem is, as a prestige 12 player, I can skip the duration of a bunch of shorter missions. I generally abort anything that takes longer than 12 hours – the rewards are almost never worth it. 1d 8h for some wood? Oh, joy! That means that my four scavenger camps are empty more often than they are doing something for me. Now, if there was a mission that would earn me a Lilith or Ulysses, or a Weapon Tripod or Practice Dummy, or could earn me Elite Character tokens? Those would be missions I would use.

As it is, I generally only complete Bricks and Mortar, YGL and the short missions (8h or less). But I keep 4 scavenger camps anyways, because what else would I do with them? Turn them into wood factories?


Did you even read the original post? As you said, the other threads are about ‘YGL is missing’. This one is where a YGL was there, then completely disappeared.


Bob gets it.

I don’t think there is an issue here. It disappears completely from the list all the time for me

Now I’m just waiting for OP to pop back in and say, “oh it showed up”


@mountkay Still hasn’t shown up. Sorry to disappoint.

@Bobs Maybe that was the problem, although as I said, I’m pretty sure it said 1d23h when it popped up. But even if it is just a variety of different timeout settings, isn’t it worth calling that out to the playerbase so that no one else screws themselves over like I did? Isn’t that what a forum is for?