New "You Got Lucky" Issue


So I experienced a new issue with the YGL mission this weekend – it disappeared. Saturday, it popped up for my on my mission list, with the usual 48 hours before timeout period. As it was a war weekend, and I wanted to send my 6* on the YGL mission for the level up coming soon, I decided I would wait until closer to the end of the timeout period.

Big mistake, as the mission disappeared from my list on Sunday without me ever sending a team on it. Now I’m screwed because I have no Scav mission with less than a 24 hour cooldown, and no XP missions to send team members out on. With only 24 hours to get Dwight parts, looks like I’m fucked.

Has anyone else seen this? IF not, beware!


I dont have YGL mission from the friday before 3 weeks when an update has been released.3 weeks no YGL mission…i made a topic a week before but didnt solve anything


Is it possible that timeout for that mission is now only 12 hours? After the upgrade I mean…

A week ago I can barely did 250k in the solo level up cause YGL didn’t appear, even skipping all prestige missions. It finaly showed up when I started to complete those prestige missions (no skipping them).


The last YGL I had (2 days ago) has 24 hours to use it. I’ve done the gold missions too. But haven’t seen it since then


Check that you have done the required gold missions. It may turn up then.


@SteveSanguine I’ve done every mission multiple times.

@AlexGSQ Pretty sure the timer still said 1d23h when it popped for me.

@Alex_O I have no visible missions to start or complete in my scavenger camps.


After YGL appeared in your list, did you finish/collect any other missions in your other camps? It’s happened a few times where I would have a mission ready to be sent out, collected another one that was finished and the mission that was there disappeared, either replaced by another one or just bumped down the cooldown list.


Pretty sure this is accurate, I had one pop up this weekend as well and was going to hold off but the 24 hour use it or lose it counter made me send a team out.

I thought it was always two days and seeing 23:50 kind of spooked me and I thought that was weird.

If anyone has one generate today can they grab a screen shot of the timer?


Well I’ll be…

This just popped up on my second account


My last YGL yesterday was only available for 8 hours.


i complete every mission that appears but still bugged


What level is your highest scavenger camp? How far are you in the world map?


With the new update mine disappeared & didn’t show up again until just Saturday night during wars. I thought they were going to be fixing it so it will show up more. My scavenger camps are lvl 19 & 16 so far. I thought the timers for the YGL mission were for 2 days before it was gone. It’s a 12hr mission. Please fix this & listen to the players.


my scavenger camp is level 15 and i finished level 20 of world map but ,i didnt have any problem in appearing YGL before the update


@Milo it is possible that it disappears completely from the list. It does that to me all the time.

Working as intended I would guess.


There was actually one time since the update that I collected my YGL and then paid 48 refresh coins for it to disappear immediately after refreshing.


I usually have to abort a shit ton of garbage missions to get it to come back up


I’m not positive but I believe this happened to me before. I wanted to save it so I decided to do another quicker mission and I thought by the time I finished the quicker mission, the YGL would be available and I can start it. I finished the quicker mission and YGL disappeared.

So my theory is that if all your camps are busy, and YGL becomes available while all your camps are busy, it may disappear.


Wow ok, that’s just BS.


Since they updated the scavenger missions I have had it 2 times during first level up, 0 times during the next 2 level ups and 3 times the last level up. Ironically, I had never had a problem during the year before they “improved” it.