New yellow yumiko

Check out that new yellow yumiko… promo… shes SO BAD she could be given as a war reward already T4 6*and people would rarely use her :joy::joy:


Fix your title please: New shitty yellow no sane person will pull for
You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Biggest meme since the whetstone was announced yesterday as a milestone prize. What a rubbish toon

I agree she is not worth pulling for.

However, I will not go as far as to say bad.
I see team building potential (for offense) with her and Connor.
Both their ARs work together (buff debuff) and her skill work with Connor’s lead (crit based).

She’s prolly be better as reward or a moderately priced stash (ugghh Barker :face_vomiting:).

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She isn’t a game changer but she can be a bit annoying on defence. She paired up with Guardian Zeke behind a Carl lead or a Rosita lead, Koa and Command Glenn can make a pretty annoying team. Would take quite some time to get down. You can sub Glenn for Dante if you really want that timeout defence.

She’s especially aimed at p2p. Nobody with a f2p defence can get the best out of her. So, if you’re not a p2p wait for another character that can stand her/his ground without other p2p characters.

If you already have the characters above, you could maybe try a 10 and not more than that. As I said she would be a nice addition but not a game changer.


The main point of her is she is yellow and she has confounding. Absolute defense with a 35 crit and huge ap when attacking then she can be a little annoying. You only want her to rush for that crit boost the rest of her rush is underwhelming. Her stats leans more on defense but confounding can be fun on attack too. Overrall she isnt trash but she isn’t great either just a one trick pony.

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She can be useful behind crit lead with abs defense and 35 crit as stated above. She’ll confuse someone more or less every turn. I would not level her rush tho, seems not necessary with a good crit lead and the crit from the weapon.

Match her up with ezekiel with the same weapon, and it could become annoying. I would say make a time out team that casts bleed or burn and you have yourself a good defense team

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Lol… yall… just admit shes a trash promo you know it😂

Just like Kay, but yellow and 6*.
Nice too IMHO.


Her artwork/design looks awful/terrible, reminds me of yellow Rosita but way worse.
What happened to details in this game? To me a lot of the new 5* are just awful to look at . :raised_hand:t4:


Her rush conflicts with her specialist skill. Why would you want to rush when you want her to proc as much as possible? Plus, she gains 60% attack from her rush but her attack stat is garbage, so you’d want her to rush but beats the purpose of making her confounding skill to proc. Bad synergy, bad toon.

You forgot the part where her rush also gives her and two others 60 crit and elusive. Seems to work well with confounding imo.

Her artwork is pretty lame. That could use a do-over. What I don’t get is how they expect people to drop $100 for a toon like this when toons like Magna and Michonne already exist.

Why not release ANY TOON from the list provided a few weeks ago?

New Ascendables clearly is not the direction to go.

As mentioned several times above me, nobody will pull for New when we all have legacy toons we want to bump up.


I said this before. They are so eager to launch promos that the artwork of the actual character has been lame.

There are a few 6* who have that wow factor when it comes to character design.

On the 5* era you could name many who are/were straight up badass.


you’re avatar is cracking me up! lol

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She’s a good toon stats and ability wise.

Why have another Yumiko. Thought it was Anne at 1st/
Why release the same people over and over again. They don’t sell any better because there known…
Probably sell less as they have multiple releases.

Also I agree.
The last 10 designs maybe more have been awful.
Plain, boring, standard 4* designs.
Get some more designers to help out, or more talented one or stop releasing so many premier toons.

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I agree with you about the amount of same chars, but honestly with yumiko it seems ok as for now. Just annoyed with the amount of ricks etc. It has come to a point where its annoying to remember and see which rick does what. I think before releasing a 2nd char of a char of the same trait, they should first make them in the other traits. Like a green or blue rick. It at least makes it a bit easier to recognize and our rick fans/collectors can have one of each trait, superrrr

Appearance wise it looks way too similar to 6* Sandy & Rosita. Agree with being a poor design job


Honestly, I think she’s being undervalued. Pair her with rick, and that’s a lot of elusive to sift through.


I thought Yellow Rosita was in promo again and then I saw that it was Yumiko and questioned the design right away.