New year's Resolution: Scopely version

With this winter event being a disappointment, the new gear map disaster, and no old characters being made ascendable for months now I was thinking what kind of New Years resolution would you like scopely to make for the players. For me I would like a return to good prizes, more ways to obtain gear by being active and not having to spend, and just a general acknowledgement that they have been promising to do better but have been infact doing much worse. Even 1 of these would be a great start to a new year. If nothing changes I don’t see much hope of the game lasting for the entirety of 2018.


You can count on them breaking those resolutions on the first day of 2018


Only way to change it is to completely quit spending and even quit the game. When the population is so low the game is unplayable, they MIGHT change something to bring people back. MIGHT.


It’s more likely they just shut it down at that stage

Indeed. But you aren’t going to get any change from scopely. Once I retired it literally felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders, like I was getting my life back.


That is truly inspiring! But it’s like gambling - I feel like i’ve spent so much on this game that I’m now “pot committed” so to speak

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That’s how I feel as well. I hate the idea of throwing all the money I spent down the drain and not using it any more. However I have completely cut off spending except the 30 day pass so I have some coins for war once in a while. I just hope they get it together and make some changes. I’m not holding my breath though.

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I heard they are planning to push out 7* chars just to make those who spent on 6*promo quit. Smart idea. Also to continue pushing the HORRIBLE prizes until no one is left playing.

Wouldn’t surprise me at all. 5 star weapons will come next and make everyone’s good 4 star weapons useless as well lol

I’m going to push back and say.

  1. Winter event - Wyatt collection is great, can’t say how the winter collection will end but with daily scaling there is potential for a decent outcome with a very easy to farm collection pieces.

  2. Gear map is great for grabbing a flak, beanie, bag, walkie daily for no real cost. I’d typically drop 5-10 refills to net a set, I’m happy to use 1 daily to ensure I pocket while I can. This will only move to a very bad thing if we do not get a periodic traditional elite or ultra rare map. We will need to wait and see, kalishane did say it was expected to be in rotation.

Those are my opinion, I am in no way on the Scopely band wagon but we need to be somewhat fair in our responses when the game does something reasonable to improve our game experience.


I agree I like the gold nugget event in general I was referring to the 12 days of carnage thing with snow globes and mistletoe exchanged into toy robots which are then exchanged into tokens which you then have a 1 in whatever chance of getting 1 decent thing and the rest junk.

That’s weird.

I heard there planning 7*s already too.
From a source close to Scopley…they said…

If so they understand what’s making money…
New toons, new power levels.
But don’t understand the game there sending them into needs to do well to make that money.

The backlash to app stores would be huge.

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Let’s give it atlas 6 days. I am also guarded but still better than some recent token pools.

This isn’t true. No 7*s planned.

Christmas Rick will be the next newly ascendable!


Boo. I don’t have him. Or Carl.

Agree I like the new gear map setup easy to finish and 5 days a week so enough gear for awhile.

Also the gold nugget event is nice if it continues the way is goes now most active will get that Wyatt.

The 12 day event for Christmas I’m not sure about, easy to finish and collect every day but as posted earlier it only gives you 1 pull with the possibility of garbage and none of the winter edition toons.
Still hoping there not only going to be p2p

Nice! I still use him on my Christmas team. Curious to see what he does after ascension.


Pretty good if they keep him similar to the early data mining version. Believe these were before the re-tuning of stats. So take it with a hefty grain of salt.

Plus, at least for this war, Scopely has done good. Just gotta keep up the hopes, and pressure.

I agree as well. It’s progress and coming out better then the past as far as I am concerned. I don’t really like how it’s all formatted.

Like Dwight event, I was 100 shirts off of getting him. Pretty much would have been forced to buy stuff to get him. Others might say was easy to get but then I was not able to put out 150k points per level event or more daily and meet raid requirements in that time frame. Outs a casual player.

Complaining because they are not releasing enough new content to buy seems odd to me. To each their own.