New years resolution ideas

This year i will 100% stop spending on this game. (even if they turn things around)

I was also thinking putting the money i would of spent into a JAR and use it for something more useful in my life.

Maybe to on a wild vacation or buy a 4k 232394023423 inch TV.

Its going to be a hard since $copley is great at louring you into spending $$$.

Anyone else doing something like this?

No. Nope. Nah.

I will Focus on YuGiOh Duel Links. I started to play last week and I have Ra, Winged Dragon.

Last week and one of the best cards in the game.

Or maybe I should stay here and get nothing? Harsh choice…

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I will keep my list small.

  1. Drop the selling to the mathematically challenged - it will soon be illegal. It is wrong and immoral.
  2. Merge all into 1 region - perhaps in 1994 there were limits to system architecture - wake up! I know several people that can design a system with over 500k users, Just do it.


PS - I have some Hemingway focused friends - they complain about my 5 word sentence that uses wrong and immoral which are redundant. My response is one word - Shotgun.

Stop wasting the life I have left chasing crappy rewards

Use my scopely money to pay for my last year of college