New year gift from best company

Here’s one of my new year gifts from Netmarble.

And here’s also my gift from $copely

I don’t know if this bot from support even know what cheating is because playing for 4 years in my opinion without spending any money is not, what you think @GR.Scopely


time to sue. this is just insane

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Sue for what getting caught cheating?


I wish I could get a perm ban.


Use a bunch of racist crap or buy stuff from vk. Not hard.

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Cheaters should be banned


This is fcking joke what scopely did to my friend. Play 4 years, ftp, 101% legit and permanent ban because he had to reinstall OS on phone and then game? This is cheating for scopely?

@GR.Scopely can you check what is going on with this? As a human, not support bot…

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I mean I never even use global chat in game, also buying from vk? I had one premium toon, that I pull after getting coins from tapjoy and 0 mods like stun, ad xD

The thing is, i cant believe you about not cheating but i also cant believe scopely given the track record they have.

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Doesn’t has to be because of using third party services i.e. buying VK trash. Data file manipulation when playing on computer or tablet. Giving others access to your account especially during war when you sleep is another reason I think.

Cheating and using exploits can mean a lot and you won’t get an answer about the exact reason for your permanent bän. If you didn’t spend anything then just move on in your daily life because you will not get back your account.

There are real humans who analyzed his/her player account and certainly found something otherwise I don’t believe they just bän for no reason.

I like your avatar… mind if I use it?

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That is cool and all but not something i believe 100% as it comes from scopely :man_shrugging:

Dont you guys think it could be because he reinstall/changed OS system?
I know him and can assure no cheating and another shit.
And as we all know scopely, they could did something wrong when he logged in on new system.

I was banned after switching devices, becouse my first phone just stopped working, so I link my facebook account again and then game reboot and message about ban.

101% legit sounds questionable

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How often we have already heard these stories here on the forum and then it turns out completely different? :wink:

I am not defending that company. I do believe these human errors are very rare.

Right, then everybody who received or got a new phone during Christmas should get a permanent bän I suppose.

Bans apparently are reviewed and not automated. If you got the ban message right after switching devices, it doesn’t mean your last action(switching devices) was what was ban worthy. That is giving Scopely a lot of credit for reviewing something immediately and acting. I’m sure they take hours or days before a flagged action results in a ban. So either there is bad coding in place where transferring devices can lead to an automatic perma ban or there might be another questionable action.

Not defending the OP either, just saying that i dont believe anything scopely says, i dont believe OP also. Paradox?