New year Event(Title must be 15 characters)


Please share your opinion upon which kind of event you are waiting for? Hardcore grind with a certain prize? Random wheel with a chance for something great? Seen it before on the forum and I thought that themed chars and weapons like santa negan and his Lucille, themed locations roadmaps would be nice :slight_smile: Pour some snow on ours town-halls guys!


Through hard work and persistence everyone (F2P farming) gets a crate with one of 4 weapons in it: ricks Shiva revolver, clementines shotgun, morgans staff, and a new absolute defense weapon. Limit one crate per person.


I want unique 6* war reward.
Not event, not a bull of collecting stuff, farming and completing long road of some sort of Christmas shit stuff, but full and proper 6*.
And scopely should already make road map for T4 gear, that token pulls is ridiculous and all i got ultra rare gear stuff!! Who needs that sh* anyway? :roll_eyes: :thinking:


Legendary Gear map


event for new year? mmmmmh i think a SOLO LVL UP


A brand new set of Roadmaps - All Out Destruction. For every stage you complete, it deletes one of the Territory areas. When you finish, Territories is gone from the game forever. It’s a dream of mine :grinning:.



Legendary gear map


Re run the shiva force event exactly as it was last time with no tweaks or changes

Not A level up
Not A Solo anything
Not farm th8sn0 energy roadmap for 18 hours a day with little rest and only get half what you need for a collection as highest drop was 70 pieces but mostly around the 12 mark
Not something with milestones so big the Cheaters can get it


No war, we had war at New Years last year and it was bad…


Let’s face it. Whatever event scopely decides to run, it’ll suck.

For farming road maps, see the current famine or more famine turkeys as your example.

New toon ? See Dwight milestones as example.

Need I go on?

Scopely could run absolutely nothing, and I am sure about 80 percent of my faction would not care. Depressing.


Hardcore grinding for a guaranteed ascendable 5* (only one pull allowed) like winter event last year.
The offered characters should have the exact same stats and AR/AS but 4 different colors. The player will have to build a team around this character to use it properly. Not for noobs though.


I could totally see shiva force being ran again and those toons being ascendable given how the whole opposing Lucille patrol is all ascendable.