New world map story idea

It would be nice to see story map as a new mode with nightmare so if you fail chapter you start it again from beginning. As for rewards you could put legendary gear and medals, and in the end of the map you can pick one 5* ascendable with the characters that they were major characters in the story.

odds of that happening

its just idea since a lot of people had a lot of world energy cans and nowhere to use it. And i think it would be a new nice way to get some legendary gear

It would cost so much energy

absolute zero

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i like the way you think but it will not happen. I would love to see this but when this happens trading will be apart of the game.

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Much like those old 4* roadmaps they used to run, I remember 4* Rosita, Dale and Carol as prizes. Wouldn’t necessarily be new ground…

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World story is :sleeping:

I made a similar idea back when they made nightmare mode.

Not a bad idea. BuT wOuLd It Be F2P?¿

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