New world map stages

Aren’t we overdue for some new world map stories? It’s been over a year since we have had any new world map.


Wish Scopely would open the world map. At least it would give us something else to do.

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Story was irrelevant and repetitive and characters boring as hell. It was no more challenging than any road map and just opens up levels you’ll never farm because the pay off isn’t worth the effort comaorsd to existing world map stages.

Easy fix. Just make any new stages harder and more rewarding.

True. Sensible suggestion. Still doesn’t mean the “oh no bandits” followed by “oh no walkers” with Brock and Garrett have any draw

Why open the world map cause I’m tired of farming the same ones over and over and over again.

Unless we’re getting a free Elite Character/Weapon token every two stages along with plenty of 5* character tokens and 4* weapon tokens, who cares?

Coming soon…

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You know there was real choices and plot developments. That made this game great at one point.! Stab a character or coddle them never knowing how it would turn out … what a waste of the walking dead . Something that challenges our beliefs . That is why I got into the whole story . PLAY THE STORY WE STARTED WITH! LISTEN TO THE PLAYERS STILL PLAYING. It’s like giving all the answers in D & D playing is the fun LISTEN to the long term players .


If they can make roadmaps with storylines, then why can’t they do the same with world maps?


I agree. If they can make new roadmaps then why is it taking so long to release new world map stages

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Didn’t brock die so now we have ezikiel telling us what to do, either way don’t care about the story as its been so long, just want a better place to farm

Dude… How about a spoiler alert?


No, he didn’t died. The last character who died was

Benjamin at Stage 20, I guess

Oh my bad, darius definitely died,
so did brocks kid I swear he did as well

Don’t worry it’s covered now, but if you haven’t done it in the years it’s been out you clearly don’t care about the story :wink:

The new maps will be out Dec 25th 2018. Lol

I’d appreciate a permanent level which rewards world energy more proportionally with survivors. I’m struggling to motivate myself to replay 7.7 because you get up to 14 survivors for 4 world energy. I want a level that gives 56 survivors for 20. Then I don’t have to sit bored constantly replaying it.

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Early 2000s