New Word Segment clues

E- is craft 10 energy bars(battle items)
G- is kill 100, 200, 300 green opponents
O- open tokens 10 times (basic worked)
N- Kill Negan (again) ?


why are it always negan

Its not energy bars.

Crafted 10/energys but that dont work same as replensh

Make sure you do energy bars not energy bursts


What are energy bars


Crafting energy bars worked for me


Defeat 300 Green opponents within 3 days?? Defeat Negan 5 Times again?? How should this be done?
That’s just had shit insane, Scopely shows us the Finger!

Green - World map, raids, RM. Negan - raids


I used them and it didnt progress.

so you have endless energy refills?

You have to craft energy bar not use them… gave me serious lag

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Bursts didn’t work for me or it was lagged. But between bars and burst crating 10 will get it done.

Defo bars.

Over 300. But probably won’t need any of those. There are several greens WM where you can get 11 to 15 greens for 3 to 4 energy. That’s cca 250 greens per my energy bar. Boring, but easy task.

So the Negan is for the Payback one and you have to do it in the Raids? Great!

There was a kirkman began in the new rm. I wonder if its him?

Does it matter which Negan version in normal raids?

Tried 3 different versions through friendly duels but nothing.

Last time was payback, presuming payback again.

Friendly duels won’t work :wink: