New wheel... More deception

If I get a free pull before the 18 days are over, I call my 4th blue Dwight because scopely love to shoot dupes on my account :expressionless:


Blue Dwight is a pretty decent dupe to have


Not after the 3rd one and definitely not if I can’t even tier 4 his 5* version my since scopely hide the gear :roll_eyes:


This is new wheel?

Someone spend 11k coins and pull for a guaranteed

And what did he get

Only decent toons I saw there are Jesus and Violet, maybe Glenn

Took my shot and hit the jackpot


Why does the thanks giving wheel have Christmas characters… Smh

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Wheel looks decent. At least this should be war rewards.


Romanov and Garrett are pretty good too. The rest is outdated, easily obtainable through other methods or just straight up garbage.

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I actually need Siddiq :confused:

I did hit the jackpot few weeks ago


And who says this will be war rewards?

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No one. I said should be. What else they gunna give 5* tokens? Lol yeah right thanks but no thanks.

Even if they do don’t expect they give 100 with 1 War. Probably 1st place gonna get 50 and the next war should be crw which we’ll end up at 25-10 and get 25 tonens lol

Which part of this wheel is deception…? Or are we just people who don’t know what words mean.


18 days. Hopefully get at least one pull. Guess we will have to wait and see…

I got the surprise box first try got the 100 tokens, I’ve wanted her for ages and I’m glad she’s the 6* edition


People buying the gamble box and getting a pull?

Like people say pic or it didn’t happen and by that I mean a pic of the surprise box open.

Always pics up of up lucky pulls to make others go quick I may go have a gamble at it the wheels paying out spend spend spend.