New Wheel is Live

What are your thoughts:

I’m excited

I don’t have Romanov or Donny. So I guess it’s ok. Madison is a good toon for those who don’t have her. Otherwise nothing special tbh.
Those asking for Camila lol.
Oh and “Prestige” still has 4* in it. :-1::-1:


Rubbish, cannot see Alpha, only toon everyone would need.

@JB.Scopely can we have this post updated at least: Wheel & Character Pool - September 2018 Update


It’s shite, don’t be hyped. They added Madison and Romano, the rest are toons that most people have or can get via Ascendance, supply depot,…

They took out Alpha and Kal. Big downer for me.


Pretty damn bad. A lot of the toons werent even used back in 1st gen days.


Yikes, took out Alpha and replaced with a bunch of crappy toons. Bring on the 6 month wait for a better refresh


Very little in Prestige or Elite Character wheel that isn’t early Gen 1. Some of the toons still have uses in certain parts of the game, but none are going to shake up most people’s defence or attack teams.

5★ token wheel isn’t much better at all.

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crappy characters … no really surprise over here


Did they Change weapon wheel can’t tell I’m pretty sure they didn’t haven’t oull from there Ina while

No still the same garbage

TFW no All That Remains Clem


I figured thanks

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donny is only real good toon there… where is gen 1.2 toons at?

zzzz saving still


I feel like they’re trolling us
They’re taking longer and longer each wheel update and it really seems like last set of toons were better with at least one useable toon being alpha
I have them all from both sets but guess I just hope I’ll still be around in 11 months when the next update comes so we can get a chance at yellow Barker and Connie…
Once again thank you for nothing scopely… Every day making me happy I moved to f2p and stopped giving you money…


It’s garbage. Donny and Madison are the only good toons added and they removed a few good ones like Alpha.

There are still 4-stars in prestige. They could have made it like 5% Ascendable and 95% 5-star.

Would it kill you to give out one 5-star non ascendable a month? So damn cheap.


Yeah… I just don’t get it anymore… I still use romanov so I’d say he’s useful too but how many wheels has he been In… Surely most have him… I just keep looking at the wheel and think … who decides these things … like they sat there and thought … Hmm let’s put blue Tyrese in this wheel that’ll make em happy …

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Elite Character Wheel also updated.

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When’s the next update ? This was garbage