New weekly missions

talk about two steps backward ascend 5 toons if I had 5 toons I wanted to ascend I would have already done it total bs


Complete BS. Another event ruined by this greedy company.


Ascending 3s and 4s should work right?

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Yea it works i already finished that

Yep. Same

Thats gonna be hard.

And this is why I posted this earlier.

Upgrade 4 star weapon? Can I just take random 4star and upgrade basic stat ?

Yes you can upgrade anything on the 4* weapon and it will count



Which maps has most 3 stars toons ? :wink:

Not sure tbh

I’m suprised you have enough space to add a 3 to your roster

What?! Huh

Errrrr…you will need 20 ascension tbh. 5 only to get 1 figurine. So scopely, please make 2* ascendable…which i believe will never happen

Can ascend 3 and 4 stars that works :+1:

The missions do change from week to week, so there might not be an ascension requirement next week

Another event ruined lol you people are so over dramatic lol

I find i get a decent amount from the last act on world map and clearing walkers from 5star territories

Anyone having issues with weekly event stuff not counting since the update? Need to lv 1 Ad rush and it wont log it.

It change for the faction weekly event, but CMIIW, it is the same missions for 4 weeks for personal weekly event. Aren’t they?