New weekly missions - figure toy

Will new weekly missions start again 24h before current one end?
Im asking because I have 4% to level 159 and im trying to avoid world maps, roadmaps (only do gold bricks and sclass ) but solo sr coming and still ~ 30h to end of current missions :flushed:
@GR.Scopely can you ask the team?

Or maybe no more mission with player level?
@Parker, you know something about this?


I have to disappoint you, I don’t

I know people ask many times for no more mission with player level, can PC add this to the list?
Every next level takes more time and resources :weary:


It was asked that they aren’t put on consecutive weeks

  • Ascend five 5* toons to 6* toons


It has a timer on it

That doesn’t answer the question about whether they will overlap again though.

They never do

Maybe you didnt notice but current weekly missions started 24h before previous one ended.

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