New weapon wheel

Come on scopes, with all these new 6*, you guys should be coming out with special weapons for these peeps? Make it happen!!

Martinez, Regina, Douglas, Diego, Nik and Shawn

I’m not understanding?

Your asking for weapons unbound with the toons name in the wheel correct?

He’s asking for weapons which are related to the toons, but not bound. For example, Yvette’s Tactical Blade, Duane’s Recovery Glock


Plus Shawn’s Shovel (which is only available in the museum), whatever Regina uses, weapons like Jesus’ Perilous Machete or Gator’s Sapping Machete.

Well u got what u asked for. Martinez swords just came in


Glad they listened, I’m hoping they release weapons for all new 6*. The more we get, the better variety we will see in raids with mods and toons.


Have you ever tried this wheel?

It’s actual Cancer. I spent 20k on the Abs def version and got fuck all.

hax dude.

So this weapon is for Martinez but this is also a great weapon for confounding Yumiko, g2 ,Zeke as well, shields plus a chance to confuse

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