New weapon offer ( post your pulls)


Cool weapon but I don’t use greens for much. I’ll take it though.


I have a number of stun weapons and I am lvl 126, and about 32,500 experience. If I raid teams with say, 10,000 more experience points, my stuns usually don’t work. Sometimes I am able to pause the fighting and examine the toons I can’t stun and there is nothing special in their mods. I’m wondering if experience level factors in to if things like stun weapons will work…?


Ive never had this issue, are they wearing wven crappy bronze stun resist? Ive seen a toon with 17% stun resist mod resist stun from 5 toons in one turn, thats a bit stupid.


Not worth it imo. They should definitely take the 2k weapon tokens out. Might be a good offer for new players but not vets.


Agreed tbh only bought it because Clem’s shotty looks so cool.


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