Guys I have the best weapon idea
How about Negans Meanie Lucille
30 Attack
Medium bonus to attacking
Deals 800% Damage to Any Glenn

Easily the best and most real weapon


No Riley, go away. Also thats a bad idea brotatoe chip

Now your copying my lingo cheese man
Imitation is the best form of flattery :thinking:

Or 800% damage to kal, alpha , Spencer, holly

Nah im just in a troll mood now since all you kids have taken to the forums, they should give you all homework for the weekend so youre not so bored

You sound like you’re popcorn would you want some cheese with that salt brotato chip

No popcorn right now, i have a lot of brotatoe chips to eat. Maybe call Chimmy boy here for support. How is Terrell going for ya also? :smiley:

Cheese with salt…Just plain ruining things there. No not the items…

Its gross right?

Lol bro!

Thats brotatoe to you buddy

Terrell is terrellable sike cheeseburger Eddie it’s going grate

I’ll have to stop by and check it out sometime since I’ll be leaving wolves and making my own fac, maybe that region can be our new home

How about make a Rick that bites out the neck of opponents

His weapon= teeth you can upgrade

A Eugene that bites you know what :smiley:


Doubt it but why you leaving Wolves
I know you all are confused on who the leader is

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share what youre smoking bro!

He smoking salty cheesy brotato chips, have a puff

Maybe a specialist skill. Anytime Negan attacks Glenn with Lucille equipped, Glenn dies instantly.