New WD Token Wheel Pulls


New wheel is out. Post your pulls!

My very first Erika for just 99 cents :slight_smile:



i just got Scopelyed


I thought about doing a pull, but then I realized how many 6* toons I have that I can’t tier four because of a lack of gear… by the time I get my teams ready the whole thing changes… pretty darn tired of it.


Got red shield garret… :sob::sob::sob:


Browsed through the entire wheel, most toons in there are f2p. 4 of which u can get from depo (wandy, andrea, ty and gov). But a wheel isnt complete with good ol yellow connor.


Oh look the people still want the 99 cent offer that we gave to a select group. Let’s make a new even crappier wheel and throw in erika to make it look good


Damn it. I have never been able to pull anything good


That yumiko is still good, been playing since starts and got loads of 6s but she’s great for zombie sr stages (if you dont have her already)


Dont forgot that people got 5 ascendables and 6* for this same price :smiley:


This isn’t up for me yet! When did it get put up?


Holy crap :smiley:!

Finally some rare luck :sunglasses:


15% for a 5* and up. I’m gonna get 10-15 4 stars in a row most likely.


I just bought the 99p offer and 5 1.99 offers so ten opens and boom 10 4 stars ridiculous


Ya know, I honestly would’ve pulled on this wheel since my luck was great with the last one, but at the same time, seeing those horrible ascendables makes me wanna not.
Cough Yellow Negan Cough


16 4 stars for me fantastic great pulls love my red Chad :heart:️


Got charged 5 times and no tokens, pretty bad I can’t even Depot some 4s




yep, exactly the same for me


all 4* here. Same as every pull i do. 3 years playign and have never pulled anyhing sigh