New ways to cheat!

We all know how deep in sh*t this game is!
So i see now new ways to “cheat” the game.
Some players create multiple accounts in a region that satisfies 1 purpose in the case of territories.
They have much more attacks to empty a terriory, so they dont pay for refills. And when that terriory goes under contest, they can control the time they actually want to take that region.
So if you see smaller factions attacking you, then its defenately a second accound of a top player.

Now you know…no money for refills? Problem solved :wink:


hardly a cheat, nothing stopping you from doing the same. i would also love to see a fresh new account that is able to take down lets say a team consisting of 4* cards.


Oh come on, it’s cheating, plain & simple.

This game has always been full of loopholes for players to exploit. Smh.

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Or maybe the smaller factions AREN’T 2nd accounts and actually wanna take something from you.

Colluding factions or people with alt accounts have been attacking the territory and letting the timer run down to let the current owner hold onto it. If there is little time left, this locks up the territory so no one else can attack and gives the fx that owns the territory the opportunity to coin/refresh teams. If there’s only a couple minutes left then no team refresh is even necessary since you can sit in a battle with the last team and run the timer to 0 and everyone else won’t be able to attack it at all.

This is something technically available to anyone, but it sucks as someone with no sister faction or multiple accounts since it’s not a tactic you can implement on your own or just with your own faction.

im sure if you dont place a worthwhile defence team in a territory you are subject to losses in those areas.

i have 2 accounts ive had since the 1st 3 months of the game so they are both competitive, i also have a 3rd but in no way would my 3rd beat any teams in territories, its a waste of time

It’s actually NOT cheating in the slightest.

if you create a second/third/fourth account for whatever reasons you are still allowed to play as you see fit. you are still able to go for whatever you want.

by stating that a secondary account someone made cannot attack anything in their interest is absurd, its down to the individual player how they proceed with how many accounts they have.



I challenge you to create a second account and see how long it takes you to create a decent team who can “empty” out a territory, im speaking of experience and can tell you it will take a long time man

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The problem with the second account is not that they can empty a territory. The problem is that the second account make it impossible for everyone else to atk the team they r attacking. You know the annoying warning « all team are currently into battle try again later »

They keep some teams busy without doing damage and no one is able to take the territories cause they have plenty of time to refresh their teams while we can’t even atk


Thats why i wrote “cheating” intead of pure cheating
I write that top players are doing this so if they spend a couple dollars they can make a decent team in 1-2 weeks. I ve seen players coming in my region and have top teams in 1 month. Some ppl spend hundrends of dollars just to keep 1 terriory…this is insane!!!
But how about if you could have 40 attacks instantly for a region without pay ant refils?
You may end up in some good opponents but for sure yoy can take out the easy ones (T1/ trainers teams)

#stopterritoryghosting stop this exploit/strategy how can people live with themselves


Lol This is a simple fix. It only happens because the shield on a contested territory is 4 hours long. Reduce that number, and you get rid of the problem.

Edit: I also think your faction needs to plan ahead better, because it seems like you’re trying to snipe the territory very late in the clock, and now you’re complaining because you can’t do it. If you go after the territory with more than 4 hours on the timer then this strategy wouldn’t effect you.

This is an issue with the limited time territories where 6-7 factions are pummeling the territory with 30 minutes or so left and HP is dropping fast. Alt accounts are being used to prevent the territory from ever reaching 0HP so they never even go to contested state.

My faction took the territory right after it was open…20+ hours left for the end.
My faction didnt apply too much def…maybe some ppl were busy at work.
You cant organize an attack in a closed territory!
So 1 person manage to do 20 or more attacks if he/she coined for refills…of course we had some attacks from other players too but these were just 2-3.

Only time ive ever used an alt account was 2 fill a spot n war , and that was 2 years ago. I’d never waist my time and do an other account again!!

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Id rather hire a mood n the fac lol

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It’s am exploit of a bug, just report it . We had someone locking up Terry and they got in trouble.

i use multiple accounts for one reason…gold from daily missions…and beta but beta isnt applicable

ban anyone who does this for life
also send them to jail
steal 4 gold tokens is a crime, worst crime ever