New Wayland has a bug


My New Wayland has a bug, the forum description shows 500% damage to 2 enemies but the Charakter description shows 500 damage to 2 enemies I try it some times and he do only 500 damage what a waste…
Fix this shit or give me my coins back scopely…


Scopely wont give you youre coins back so you might as well not go up in arms against them, least you can do for this to be reaolved quicker is to show the issue in a video. As jb will comment if he decides to reply to the thread.


This is the in game description from the recruits and rewards wheel.

This answers ur own issue. If he is designed to only do 500 damage, he will ALWAYS do 500, not SOME TIMES


Sounds like he does exactly what the description says mate


Maybe the enemy’s def is too high. Or your toon is not strong enough.


Here is a screenshot where is no 500%


That’s a language localization issue that @JB.Scopely will be interested in seeing. He’ll be back tomorrow morning Barcelona time.

In-Game Localization Issues

Yikes. That does look like 500 pure damage. Not good at all. Summon a jb SOS!


Bank holiday for him, he’s out for the weekend


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