New Way to War - Lets Do A Draft


Bill here from Strictly Business in Chilton region.

I just wanted to let all of you know about this player event we are doing in Chilton for this weekends War event. Regular wars are pretty stagnant for us as I’m sure they are in many other regions. It is almost predetermined which factions come in what places before the war even starts. In our Region we have won ever war since we formed…several other factions fight it out for 2-4…and several others fight it out for 5-8 really.

One day one of faction leaders (Kevin from Afterburners - Hi Kevin) jokingly said we should do a draft of all the players in the region. Kevin and I are both big sports fans so giggled about this and it was an inside joke for the past few months. During the last CRW war i was on my voice chat with my lovely co-lead Lulu and she said hey you know what why don’t we do that draft thing for regular war for real?

So obviously change scares the piss out of people so we had a lot of negative reactions to the event but eventually many players came around to the idea. We picked captains of similar ability and team strength. Those captains will be drafting all of the players that want to participate. We are going to be LIVE STREAMING the event so people can actually see who is getting picked where on Line. More people are excited about the actual Draft event than the war I think lol.

Yes there are a bunch of issues. What happens to the people who don’t want to do it being the big one. In or faction 28 people are doing it out of 30. The other 2 are either no warring or joining up with another fac for the event. In others the factions voted and either all are doing it or none. Other factions let each member choose and they will figure it out from there.

What is the point you might ask? The point is to have fun. Not worry about the damn rewards. Not worry about cans or whatever. Just go out and have fun for a weekend. Play with some people you normally don’t. Hey maybe someone you thought was an asshat actually isn’t that bad. We usually go undefeated or lose 1 match in war. We are giving up guaranteed first place prizes to do this in our faction and everyone still wanted to do it. Make it fun!

I’m bringing this up here thinking maybe that other players in other regions can think of some outside the box things too to help keep our community flourishing and fun. This is something that all of you could do. Take some ownership of your gaming experience. It’s really nice to just sit back, have some fun, and not be so damn serious and concerned about bugs, rewards, getting screwed, etc. If you have any questions or are interested in seeing how it worked out just ask. I would be happy to help. Our draft is set for 9PM on Thursday. On Wednesday night we are going to announce the draft order using a randomizer :slight_smile:


@kalishane @Shawn.Scopely @CombatDevIl (i know you just do combat stuff but thought you might find this cool) @Agrajag @TheWalkerDude


Awesome idea!!! Shame that too many 1st places are never going to accept this. Ego’s hurt.


in irwin its been done already last year sometime. it was fun then the novelty wore off. we called it dodgeball wars lol.


Omg i love lulu :heart::heartpulse: :two_hearts:


The idea sounds really great. With a little polish here and there that could be a nice event for everyone.


Im excited for it gonna be a nice change of pace!


We’ve had the idea of doing this in our region previously but it never materialized. Hopefully the ones that don’t want to participate don’t end up being salty about it for a while and leaving their original factions for good. Should be cool and the draft would be fun to watch if I knew the region and it’s players.


we actually tried to set this up in Morgan… All the top factions were in but funny enough the smaller factions werent up for it so eventually we didnt do it…


Small factions can be a pain in the ass when trying to organize stuff for the region which is very odd. We had same problem when trying to make a crafting agreement in our region. They saw the error of their ways after a few days though. :joy:


Slightly different way would’ve been to actually do Region v Region v Region.

eg a region can have upto 3 or 4 active war teams searching and anyone from the region could join.

In a bigger region the above might work, but the smaller regions, you would possibly still end up with the same problems of lack of wars.


People tried this in Carroll region over a year ago. I think it was really an attempt to get good players who were loyal to trash factions to band together to take on the number 1 faction, all under the excuse of fun and good sport.
It failed miserably.
Good luck with your attempt though. No harm in trying.


We tried to organize a mash up but some complained then some catered to those complainers then never happened. Good luck


While this us a wonderful idea that would generate a lot of fun i us shouldn’t be the players responsibility to make the contents of the game actually fun, scopely is responsible for designing the game and they frankly need to do something bcuz players are getting bored


That’s all good till you get drafted to a bum squad


Congrats on getting it organised, good luck :slight_smile:


It has been going swimmingly so far, the key to this working is letting the nay Sayers sit and the people who want to join in play by the preset rules in place apart from the spreadsheet leg work it’s been a breeze :slight_smile:


How many factions did you/are you going to end up with after the draft?

“Kevin and I are both big sports fans so giggled about this” I giggled at this :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:


As of right now we will have 4 but the draft isn’t until Tommorrow


Yeah its our first go around with it. Our regions isn’t really the best with getting along at the best of times so this is a great leap towards something positive. I’m hopeful that if it goes well then next time we will have at least twice that many.


I love this idea. It will be interesting to see if this keeps your guys war more interesting. It gets pretty boring when it’s always the same faction winning every war every time.

Oh and you could also add player trades and draft lotteries for low ranking teams, to keep this going into the future. Ahh so many possibilites!