New wave transfers

So will wave 3B be able to transfer to wave 2A?

Not until January transfer window. The Nov 4 transfer window is just to let people transfer into Wave 1A WoC regions.

3B will be outbound. But they can’t transfer to wave 2A because ONLY 1A regions will be open for inbound transfers.

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I’m glad you’re here because I have no idea what’s going on :laughing: There must be a good reason for this new convoluted transfer process, but it’s difficult to keep track as a player (for me anyway).

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Thanks :blush: it’s confusing for sure, and has changed more than once so it’s hard to keep track of.

Will 1a be able to transfer to 1b in January?

That’s the plan right now, but a lot can change. It might be February; I don’t remember the exact date for WoC but it will be after that.

Was this information disclosed by our Overlords BEFORE the first transfer window? - the fact that now anyone in an 1A region is locked and can’t move to another 1A region is major BS

From what I understand 1A can transfer to other 1A regions.

No 1a is inbound only all others are outbound into 1a you cant transfer between 1a

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Thank you for the clarification!

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So 1a can’t transfer into 1a?

No, 1a is inbound only.

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