New War Token Wheel idea

So, it’s basically exactly like past token wheels, but the toons that appear in the wheel are determined by my brain. :slight_smile:

Obligatory shitty toon:


Now, onto the good/decent toons:

Rick "All Out War"

Sherry "The Whisperer War"


Denise "Road To Survival #2"

Zachary "The Whisperer War"

Harrison "Road To Survival #2"

Lydia "Road To Survival #1"

Magna "Road To Survival #1"

idk tired brain made this list for a possible war wheel



we all know Scopely would never do this tho, so L

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As long as S collectables are somewhere, in milestones.

Also totally forgot Hina existed until now


yes, more S-Class Collectables

due to the territories, I have 1100 bullets (got cakes and the Mercer collection, since I get Mercer from a previous war wheel)

now I just need 900 more bullets, and Raulito is MINE

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buff boi buff boi

pair him with Charlie and Lacerator Rick, boom, the end of days is here

Territories is not Scopely’s way out though, it’s no more fairer than rank reward distribution. And that isn’t.

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Honestly yeah

Scopely needs to make it more fair

I’m just lucky I’m in a region that doesn’t have 50 whale factions


Whales are the whole reason I left Albert, Brantley, etc.

We were good for a while, and then the whales poured in, ruined everything for us.

Albert used to have a faction solely for the crafting terris, you join it, they let you craft, and you leave. They were never competitive. Then the whales showed up, and took every crafting terri for themselves.

Albert fell apart after that, so we dipped.

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Nah… the future is S toons. Potential war wheel should have at least 75% toons that can be taken to S Class (not S class themselves, but can become S class when you get 2). What will you do with Zach? Christa (with buff from Alice and debuff) one shot S class Pete and Zach with Waste Not. There’s too big of a difference between S class and 6stars (even maxed with veteran rings) for most 6stars to be relevant.

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Destroying crafting factions is one of the most fun things in RTS.

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You join it they let you craft lol what a joke who is still doing crafting territories sounds like a bunch of control freaks

Most of those craft facs are control freaks lol its done mostly by the top facs and if they dont like you then you arnt crafting lol my fac was thanked by a few actually for destroying the craft fac in our region

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