New War Rewards, Good or Bad?

Closing in to the end of war and we will all be receiving the new reward types: choice boxes with S Class collectables.

We would normally have had a character wheel for war and this could be a one time test for this war or it could be a consistent returning war reward structure.

What do you prefer?

  • S Class Choice Boxes
  • War Tokens for Character Wheel

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While some may have different opinions on what rewards are better (and while some may also choose S Class choice boxes but want the amounts increased) I think we can all agree these rewards are better than ToC.


With S class being the future I would rather get the collectables now rather than a wheel with mostly outdated toons


How about both…


Quantity could be higher, but its decent if you’re in AoW.

Community seems rather split on this issue. On one hand, some people complain that there’s no point in gen1/2 characters now that there’s S-class, so Scopely gives S-class collectibles. On the other hand, some people still prefer those gen1/2 characters because the rate of getting the S-class via collectibles is slow, so they rather have instant gratification via war wheel. Then there are others that will never get a pull or get duplicates via war wheel, but also hate S-class collectibles.

Pick your poison.


I like the way you think

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If I had to choose, collectables for obvious reasons.

But, I think the best compromise with the most balanced way is to offer a character wheel for rank rewards and collectables in milestones. Best of both worlds


I think they should give the top 10 factions choice boxes for a class and then rank 10 to 20 war wheel tokens but enough for 1 pull then reduce tokens by 10 down the ranks like 20 to 50 get 80/90 tokens

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The whole game can’t be about collectibles. Players need new characters. Waiting 6 months for one character is absurd. Especially if there will be 12 new characters to choose from at that point.

There needs to be both. There’s no reason the choice crates couldn’t have been in milestones with a war wheel that included some of the better attacking gen 2 toons such as diego, Alice, harper


Definitely agree with you on that

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I like both. S-class toons are the future for sure but in the meantime, there are many many 6s that will help a player out, even against a full S-class team. Having 1 single S-class won’t really help in the long run if you don’t have the right toons around it. In the future, F2P teams will be running Pete, Christa, league store Regina and Douglas. Because there’s nothing else for them to pick from. Because there’s no more wheel.


We were told sclass collectible choice box is a one time thing and war wheels would be back.

And @Rickygrimes is right. Players need toons…many rosters are maxed with all the level ups.
Good useful toons after war helps create excitement


Choice Boxes is a good idea, at least it help to go for a specific reward, but i think this war-s prozes were bad.

Why doesnt give us a war stash with only 6* characters or pull in a whee; for choce boxes, it can help to manage the 4-5 vincent that give us…

What future?

I cant vote on this poll. S class is the future but those were a pathetic amount and i cant vote for the wheel if all we get is vincent and kal. Needs to be middle ground, on my thread i talk about a stash with a toon made just for war that fits the meta, top facs get to open the 2nd stash and get a weapon for that toon and get all the gear, medals, lilths, etc needed to max the toon. This takes care of many issues and gripes that players have while making them also want to play more and even spend more which makes scopely happy.

I think they were good, im very close to obtaining priya now

Could have been better, like, say…a whole Pete!
Or half Priya lool

The thought that it has come down to deciding between these just destroys my hope for the game. Neither are rewarding anymore, nothing has been or felt like a true reward from this game in months. There was a time when you would get a brand new character from war and good or bad it was unique and you fought for it… now we’re deciding which scrap is better. Junk wheel characters or pieces of other characters… think this is it for this game. And no this isn’t towards this post or any player, it’s toward the development of this game.

Not really bothered either way, finishing 43 in CRW gives me nothing🤷🏼‍♂️

And LU top rewards should be a choice box and not just keys

Amounts are on the low side. Could have given 1k choice box for every 50k scored in war, and cap it at maybe 400k?

Rank could have given lots of gear since S toons require a lot to level up.