New war recruit wheel up


Good toons but all melee? Aw

That was leaked by PC in one of the chats.

Oh didn’t see that, at least those are really meta relevant this time

It sucks, I have them all, when will they charge it?


This is an absolute joke, the only relevant character in here is (Maybe?) Diego. Mike is obviously the booby prize of the wheel.

Maybe for ptp, but I think this is actually a very good wheel for 90% of the player base.
Diego-good attack leader and will pair well with Shawn and James to kill these sclass
Harper-can slot into Michelle teams to help kill the sclass, also a GOOD MELEE disarm which many ftp don’t have
Pamela-good defensive leader for these free sclasses people have been given, can fit Kapoor, Christa, and James
Mike-will be a necessity for people going for platinum mods, will be killler for Sr stages and Walker hordes


That other post was supposed to be a reply to you lol

Toons are medacore at best dint say they be meta something?

all them aint meta what so ever anymore


Diego - Sure
Harper - Gen 1, nothing else to say
Pamela - She’s past her primes, everyone is running reds, she will be gone, so there’s no point of using her on defense
Mike - Characters like Mike should be free login rewards, who would war for a utility character that’s meant for side gamemodes.

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They should’ve thrown Michelle in here, I still see her used to this day.

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Harper might be gen 1 but a 50% atk & def debuff never gets obsolete, and don’t forget stun on atk


Wheres meta toons at scopely like you fucken said…

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Dude, you are trying to be given stuff way better than expected. Last war wheel had ■■■■■■■ Cole’s Vincent’s and yumikos. I GOT 4 ■■■■■■■ YUMIKOS!!!.(and 2 Vincent’ This wheel is certainly a step up and I applaud scopley for it. I actually expected worse toons tbh.

know meta toons just like you said…

Scopely promised Meta toons, where the hell is Mike meta at buddy? Pamela?
If you put Pamela on a defense, it’s basically suicide.

Pamela helps greens and reds, guess what counters that?
both of the ranged traits
guess who most F2P are trying to get to S-Class?
Priya. Who gives a huge attack buff to ranged characters, that Pamela is like dust in the wind to a Priya and Kapoor and Christa.

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Hoping there’s a couple ranged toons in there too but not bad honestly it’s a huge upgrade from the last one that’s for sure

Good ol diego, he probaly is still kickin ass to this day.

I kill s-class teams with my Michelle, she’s a monster. 8k attack with her lead, weapon, mods and vet rings, she kills.