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Edit: as someone pointed out in another chat (thank you @Bane) another advantage to this would be to the factions who are having issues with new factions coming in or even preexisting factions having issues with current facs in their region. They would mostly be facing factions of similar game level in the other 7 regions and maybe not be forced to move as often.

Ok with the success we have had with changing this upcoming war to CRW I’d like to present another option for the community. For many people CRW is the #1 most exciting thing in the game right now. The best rewards, best competition, and meeting new people all make it very exciting.

How would you feel about doing CRW every war weekend? Keeping the every other weekend war theme but each one of those would be CRW.

We could do regular AOW wars within the region as Blitz events on week days here and there for people who still want to match up with their on region.

This would in my opinion have the following benefits:

  1. Promote more teamwork within the region with most war events being ‘us against them’ against other regions.

  2. Better prizes. Yes we talk about prizes needing to be better and I do feel that scopely is going to be getting better in this department. But CRW prizes are even now better than regular war prizes.

  3. More chance for factions, players, and regions to meet and fight against fresh opponents. It is fun seeing facs for the first time and not sure what you are going to be going up against.

  4. With the leagues being in play now wanting to play against other people and factions in other regions will play an even bigger role. Seeing those people on the scoreboards and matching against them adds a little extra something to it.

I have a feeling scopely might really be willing to do this if again we voice our opinion here and it’s a clear choice. If you don’t think it’s a good idea and want to keep things the way they are that’s ok too just vote against it so we will at least have the hard data.

Bill -Abusement Park-

  • Keep system the way it is (roughly every 2 weeks alternating regular war within your region and CRW) with occasional blitz during the week
  • Eliminate regular war on the weekend and just do CRW (every 2 weeks still roughly but would be CRW only) with occasional blitz events (within your own region) during the week.

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:open_mouth: abusment park??


youre late


I am surprised by the results so far. Figured intra-region war people would hate since it depends on an active region and most are emptying thanks to transfers


i’m a decent spender, but this would kill the game for any f2p people to never get any rewards in the top 20. youd decimate a majority of the player base. and forcing more wars while people are working.


I think the push atm needs to be re working the prize structure of faction events, especially war for populated regions and CRW.


Not sure why you’d want a CRW every war weekend. Should actually be every other war weekend (example: AOW one weekend, then the next time a war weekend comes up it would be CRW, and so on).


I need to think about this…maybe if blitz was at least every other week (on a weekday) too…I mean if it was guaranteed. But still…crw matchups need to be more balanced which is probably hard and will forever be hard with constant movement… Hmm.


Hey Maisie, different AP, from a diff region :wink:


It doesn’t make any logical sense to get rid of AOW and replace it with CRW. Players who Voted for CRW every other week are the people who are in a top faction that destroy regions.


Have prizes been better? Seemed like they have been about the same past couple months… and certainly not good enough to want to face 7 other regions for them, but maybe that’s just me? Idk.


Made one once before.


While CRW usually does have better rewards, most factions end up placing way lower thanks to the added super factions. Better rewards but lower placing kinda balances each other out


Would love if as a faction you could opt in for better rewards aka you have alot of people around this weekend and hit a button to be moved into a crw group not sure if its even possible in terms of coding


With the current reward structure, I would say no. Take a faction that places 3rd in region war, they get decent rewards. In crw that same faction will probably end in the 25 spot bracket, the rewards arent as good.
Rewards structure need to be better or the effort for reward wont make it worth warring


Oh lol. :joy:


I’d say it’s worse for everyone except number 1 in crw. Cause second place in crw gets 45 tokens while they could win 50 in normal war.
Everyone receives tougher competition for only one faction to actually get better rewards for it, a hard no


Sorry Bill. The regular and blitz wars on a more regular basis are the backbone of the game. I’m fully with the crowd on this one. CRW is a treat where we all get to root for our region’s hated top faction and pretend we too are AP (you guys notwithstanding - great group)!


If you’re going to edit to add pros, why not edit and list the cons?


Main issue is that CRW is just as boring as AOW except there is no way to grab decent prizes because 3 to 6 top factions are trusting it all !

I speak for myself but after having spent thousands during the 5* era and kept spending some during early hours of the 6* era, I am no longer able to compete in a CRW top 3 faction.
And it appears that many of my teamates are thinking the same. We wont spend another 1k to get gear and some hazardous 6* from the wheel because in the end we will be lacking gear to T4 them … stupid snake eating his own tail …

So short story : we’d rather play AOW and keep fighting against the 3 top factions we know by heart, just for fun and some half decent prizes … than struggle every weekend in a CRW where its all about the benjamins … because we dont want to spend anymore, thanks to the multigates we’ve come thru …