New war map is a mess


Don’t get me wrong, i’m glad that there’s a new map but for godsake whats with the numerous needless props? There’s so much going on that i dont even know which is which. And putting strongholds in just one place is not a good idea. I don’t know if its just me but i find it chaotic.


I’ll have to disagree on that. It’s very nice to not have to scroll all over the place to find the camps and towers. By having all camps in one place it speeds it up a ton. The towers piece doesn’t bug me either way tbh


To each his own i guess. I just find it confusing , i sometimes need to check which of which gives what since they’re practically so close to each other.


I agree. I’m still getting used to it.


That could entirely be it, just getting used to it. Whenever there is a new map it takes a little bit to recalibrate and understand it. But, I think there are benefits to this one


After a few Wars it was for me quite easy to understand.

I think u just have to play it sometimes and it will be nice :smiley:

To see the Old Map was just boring after 1 Year…