New War Layout?


Are the rumors true!?


New War Map?



Rumours about 1 week war and 12 vs 12 that rumours:slight_smile:


This i am not aware of.

Question though, I feel like you would all dislike a week war. Only because I’ve heard a lot of feedback that a 3 day war is too long. What do you think?

Also, I believe 12V12 may make matchmaking more painful. :,(


I agree with those two statements.


War week :nauseated_face::nauseated_face:


no way would a week long war be a good idea. By mid Sunday, we’re all bored/burned out from war (speaking for myself and my faction). A week war would definitely be a ghost town in my region. Not to mention the prizes lately have been horrible. No way would we put in the effort for a week long war only to get 10k 5* tokens and a benedict.


Oh lordy lordy lord no no no… imo 48 hours is about right. Usually at the 40 hour mark i have to prop my eyelids open with toothpicks drink 37 gallons of monster and do 11 lines of cocaine to stay awake till the end.


I feel like everyone will agree with this lol


A week is far too long, it was bad enough having the war week and crw a week after. Near the end of the 3 days everyone has had enough, 2 days would be better imo.


on a side note, everyone realizes that scopely has put revenue before the players; its become very obvious. Clearly the intention is to dangle a carrot in front of us while we chase it while running on a treadmill. With that said, why not implement blitz wars more often with prizes that people will actually fight hard for? A person in my faction said “Blitz wars are quick, easy to fill (since it only requires 6 players) fast intense battles… BOOM! If you have worthy prizes, people will be happy to buy coins and refills”. At this point, we all feel like there is no value for our time and money invested in this game. The prizes are hardly worth using the default energy much less purchase addtional cans. Give us something epic to fight over and you’ll see your revenue go up instead of more and more players quitting the game every week. Better prizes= a win win. Scopely gets revenue and we the players wont feel so “played” and get more bang for our buck. Exclusive toons are the way to go if you ask me. You guys gave us siddiq as the prize for CRW even though we could have gotten siddiq anyway from ascending 4* toons… Does that sound like a prize worth fighting for to you? /endrant


Anything longer than three days is annoying. People have work and real life. This is a game remember. 12 v 12 is way too much. Not all regions are that active. We sometimes have 10 to war but not 24/7.


If a new war is implemented i suggest it be a MINI WAR. 4v4 wars each faction can get 2 going at same time. week long wars are way too long and 12 person waits will cause quitting so i suggest a smaller version but allowing multiple wars to take place by same faction. 4v4 no separate camps or towers just war like it was meant Faction vs Faction no boosts no aggravating waits.


A week-long war would be an exercise in whale genocide on a level that would make you a deity to Japanese fishermen


48 hours is perfect and 6v6 or even two squads of 4v4 would be cool. I think a week long war and/or 12v12 would crush everyone’s spirit.


@kalishane Is it possible to say have MULTIPLE teams of 6 vs 6 during wars? so you know… may be able to have two battles going on at the same time? or even 4 v 4 if we are worried about numbers?

Edit: I don’t mean each player could fight in multiple wars obviously, but just want to clarify that.


A time ago in the beta wars was using a new map. But it has not yet been implemented …


Dude didnt just make it up I heard it on the other forum. Wanted confirmation, thanks though keep on surviving!