New war idea would be fun



So why not develop multiple que wars? Do 4v4 and have like 4 ques max. Once the 1st que fills and searches the next que opens for filling and so on. Can also be applied to XvX. It would create faction depth allow more people to war in smaller factions. Just a thought.


The powerful just get more powerful. Smaller factions won’t get more wars, they already struggle to fill the queue. The only factions that overfill are the top of the top factions. Mid factions will queue and constantly face #1, even if #1 is already engaged in a war, and that drains morale quickly.

Players in strong factions will earn league trophies at an even higher rate, grabbing more gear from the league store, and earning more cans from more wars, further widening the gap. The few mid factions that have survived by having a small strong core who go nuts in war supported by more social players who just join to move the queue will be unable to compete at all when the strong core finds they have to move to a strong faction to keep up.


Maybe if we give the lower tiers more free revives and shields, they can compete?¿


Everyone got a free shield duh!


So the powerful don’t get more powerful in the current structure? How about single que crw and the region can determine the format 4v4, 6v6, 8v8 with best rewards in the 8v8 regions. Then smaller players can build up in 4v4 then transfer into a bigger region.

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