New war idea (new variant)


How about we introduce a 4th type of war.

Leagues war,

You war against the other factions in your specific league, rewards being based around league exclusives and gear

In theory you get to find out who is the best of the best and match making across the whole game will be more even.

Probably leading to improved activity in the lower factions as they can actually compete


While that is a great idea, I do believe that it will be unrewarding and rather result in more players quitting.

In fact most top factions will be more inclined because of the constant beating to not play while lower league factions while more likely suffer even less activity and the ones that top out in the lower league would be a hot spot for top factions to end up being in.

But that’s just my impression of it.


This is what Onslaught should be, but with a lack of decent rewards and milestones it misses the mark.

I am of the belief that war is about speed where as Onslaught is about strategy and learning how to take down tough defenses. In war I will flee extra OP defenses if I have no chance of succeeding before being blow up because my time is valuable elsewhere. On the flip side, my defense is decent, nothing special, and I expect to slow down average players to the point I can make more hits than them.

In Onslaught I learn the quirks and mechanics of particular team compositions so that the next time I face a similar team in the big show (war) I have a better chance of success.

We don’t need a new war variant, but a truly good version of Onslaught.


Or (she said for the 1,000th time) they could focus on fixing the current broken state of the game instead of adding another tire to the fire.


The more content the better


please explain how having more broken content is better than having working content


I do like your idea but here’s where you made a huge mistake. You’re assuming that scibbley actually wants their players to be happy, especially the f2p ones. No the only thing that concerns them is that people are spending followed by how to get more people spending.


Sorry. This is a horrible idea. Why should the bottom teams in diamond 4 be punished because obviously they will not place high when they would win like diamond 1. It just doesn’t make sense imo. Factions would start try to relegate themselves.


So top factions that transferred and are now in bronze will crush all the other factions and were back in the same position


We both know the day they fix anything happens to coincide with the start of Armageddon. :wink:



Completely forgot about onslaught, been that long since we had one.

But yeah exactly, add in milestones, reward etc and yeah it would work.


Love the idea…

They can’t do it until a faction can move without losing its ranking.


I agree, I think it would improve competitive pvp which is the point of the leagues.

Also might encourage more spends in the lower rank faction, those little micro offers than soon add up, might be worth it more if they see a reward for improving

They ain’t gonna beat a whale but if they buy that medal offer, they could get Yvette, which could give them advantage at the lower end. And then it spirals and they take up more offers etc.

Cultivate the whales of the future today


The thing with that transfer idea is they will be in search forever I just started a new faction like a month a go we easily run away with 1st every week in the bronze there is no active factions unless there a brand new faction. In silver now running away with it again


It works best if the prizes scale up accordingly for the rank of league…
Which is similar to CRW prizes where (last time) if you didn’t place at least 20th, you got a lump of coal.

((If those war prizes structures weren’t the same as the new event rank categories))


Hey, I agree it isn’t perfect, but reward in bronze will be lower anyway,.

You will always have those scenarios where something breaks the ideal meta .

I am sure this was kidda the idea when they started leagues but just failed a little on that front with all the scenario planning


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