New War Idea (15)

Since we already have CRW and the horrible AOW I thought we should add a new war where we fight other favs in our league. No this is not onslaught as it will have the same set up as normal wars, except the favs you play are in your league. And this will give you the same exact rewards as AOW because there isn’t enough favs to give out CRW like prizes.

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League war? Nice. I’m still sticking to my idea of individual war. Anyways, new war ideas x7 UPDATE WAR CRATES

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Sounds fantastic. Apart from all those bronze leagues with factions who can’t get 8. Which would suck if you’re a new faction which recently switched region…

Why not just have a war between region where each region is treated as 1 big faction.

Each player clicks join war and gets a queue number
Each multiple of 8 forms a war party and search begins
War parties fight in the order they are created
After war you rejoin the queue at the next number
And so on

It might be a bit chaotic at the very start when everyone joins at once but searches would be mega quick, everyone would have a chance as each war party has a range of strengths, most teams should be active as very little waiting time.

As long as the player count in each region is similar don’t see why it couldn’t work in some such format.


No thank you. Plenty of people I don’t want to have to carry in a war party. Sounds like it would be great for casual players to ride the more dedicated players to better prizes, but not so much for the dedicated players who then have to deal with players who can’t hit the side of a barn, or in this case even a boring ftp Carl build.

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I wouldn’t mind Leagues War if done right.

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Already been discussed why league wars are dumb. They would severely have to alter the prizes. Or else people would get demoted on purpose and kill all activity in the game.

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That makes sense but the higher the league the better reward

Yea maybe for the first place team… but let’s just take diamond 1 and diamond 4… the last place finisher in diamond 4 wouldn’t lose a war in diamond 1… but there’s no way to scale the rewards where diamond 1 doesn’t get better rewards than the last place finisher in diamond 4.

They need to fix gameplay 1st and rebalance the game.

All wars from now on will be the same shit show his one is.

Rebalancing? Have you been paying attention? Super six stars are coming out.

Yeah but it won’t chenge much.

5 revives, multiple shields. Using 2-3 of same op toons in a team.

This needs fixing…things need to change.
Have for a long time.

and let us create to this new leagues wars, new leagues war cans, this way scopely can make more money. ups, did i sabotage your new event?

Well if you start thinking like a Scopley that will happen lol

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Except for the fact that we don’t have cross region war cans? smh

not yet, hahaha :rofl:

Yes super funny that’s hilarious

Yeah no thanks

Not a bad idea, better than onslaught, that’s for sure

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