New War feature: Simultaneously 6v6 and 8v8 wars

This idea came up in this topic: Positive war review

but it is good to make it a dedicated topic.

Is war possible that features both team sizes?

There are benefits for both match sizes.
The only details that need to be worked out is what happens if both SIZES are allowed in the same war?

This should be possible…just a smart formula to calculate the points.

Any ideas?

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6vs8 would work best lol. Not possible cause of a simple fact - factions are too small for that, not enough people per region. If they would merge 3 or 4 regions at once and move faction size to 50-60, it could happen.

All this would do is increase wait times as you would only be able to be matched against factions that chose the same size war. So top 3-4 would all go for 8v8 everybody else would go for 6v6 so they didn’t have to face the top factions

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Bad, bad idea. No. Staph.

How many factions will be able to fill 8v8 AND 6v6.
If you can only fill one of the above, you need to be matched against the same size…so longer wait.

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Would be cool to try, in our region theres lots of active factions and the top ones might choose 6 sometimes like during night shifts

hell…I am not for longer wait times…

  1. If for a full 8 party, there is only one 6 party waiting…they will match!

  2. We could also think about “mercenaries”…that will fill in 6 parties to be able to match the 8 party fun.

There are so many options - just a few smart ideas are needed…

It would also be fun to have the option for stronger factions to indicate willingness to go 6v8

These would have to match separately and split the queue lengthening searches. No thanks.

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Eww…I hope not.

It would be nice if we could choose between have a war party of 6 or 8… That would help at night when war fill slows… Sometimes it takes hours to fill at night.

Clickbait level 100

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nah this would be a hard pass. wait times are alreay long as it is.

Great idea!

all regions are dying. harder to fill 8v8 wars. Glad they made it 6v6

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