New war crates= thumbs up

Big big thanks for updating the war crates, and updating the wheels. Finally, something to be eager about again. I need an Angela to complete a collection, so Everytime I get an ECT, I get a little excited.

Like it used to be, before RNG and Money ruined everything.

One good thing in an ocean of failure doesn’t absolve, but I do appreciate the updates. Thank you for FINALLY listening on that.


I agree new war crates have been great it’s given me a little bit of motivation to war again they did a good job with them


I got some neat four star reviver from an elite token I got from the war crate
not bad

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Yeah these war crates are amazing imo.

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I’ll stop short of saying they’re now ‘amazing’ however a change was well over due and the new crates are welcomed


Yes they are much better, they’ve been in need of an overhaul for a long time. Now if only they could stop giving us so many smelling salts…


Never thanking scopley again.


No one should ever thank scipley. They deserve no praise and everything they do is in their own interests and never in the players and they don’t even have the decency to try and hide that fact.


I am thanking iron and wine !

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Crates are nice. But this should of been done well over a year ago.
Again too little too late.


I’ll never thank them again, if I do, please kill me

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thanks scopley ‘’ for ruining ur game now we csn search some other activity.

New s-class buff= two thumbs down

I will thank them the day they shut this circus down

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A year only?

Did say well over a year
2 years? :joy::joy:

Here comes the dumb money…

If PU didn’t exist…u get zero update…just saying

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