New walking dead wheel is terrible


Erm yeah looking at the stats on pulls seeing as it’s a 3 percent chance for an ascendable and like 12 percent for a 5 I thought that’s the best stats they’ve done for a while let’s have a go!

Anyway 16 pulls and 16 4 stars later not happy,


Yep same was for the RTS tokens. Got about 25 4 stars, 7 5 stars and 1 ascendable Connie. Pretty okay but I dunno spend more and see if scopely gives the luck :wink:


Spent $10 US on offers, got 5* David and Ascendable Herschel. Overall, I felt it was worth the $10. 4 $1.99 offers and the $0.99 one.

*And I know that adds up to $9, but I used round numbers for example purpose…


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