New velvet collection! Carl's not happy


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Omgggg I have Mia :sob: big W

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Omgggg I have none of them once again


You’re stating that you already have all the other S Class toons, but you still have to ask what’s in the box?!
Something’s fishy in Denmark…

The boxes always contained collectibles… and you should have known that.
Keep making those idiotic jokes, Falafel.
You’re below an amoeba, on the evolutionary scale. :slight_smile:

I think that’s the case for your situation… Is that why you’re so mad?! You don’t know if to call your mother “mom” or “wife”? Dude… AH really played a number on you. :sweat_smile:

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Falafel is back! :rofl: like every month lol


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Why Mia in cakes collection again?

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:moneybag:because money :moneybag:

Nice. How uch did you give.

They really gotta stop doing these â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  P2W premier recruits. Bruce was a good one since he was a war toon but I missed him.


I’m F2P, got her with my pathways coins :wink:

How many 40’s?
1 or 2
All I got was benedicts.

Yay!! I have both :grimacing:

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10 then 40

Luckily have both toons but still think they should throw some f2p toons in there even if it’s one f2p and one premier toon to even the scales for everyone


They really need to throw in some OG 6* (Basically the old ones but first releases)
I have Evasion negan
Pathways gov
Kal again (They really pushed it when they put him in war wheel)
Shiva (Lacerator)
And other toons.

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