New velvet cake collection

Anyone have info on who the new velvet cake collection will host?

is elena and doc stevens

Thank you! Very appreciated, I have neither lmfao

Doc ? Again ???

I have both of them , hope we get some Daiyu cards

No daiyu cards in there:/

And people think princess cards will be in there right after this event lol

It’s not llke they have a lot of choice; the number of 6* that anyone would pull for is going down quickly. Doc is probably borderline because most people who didn’t have him and were willing to spend got him during the bloody shirts event, but at least he’s still relevant.

I wonder how they’ll handle it in four months or so, when that number should be close to zero, but they still want to have two promos during the week. Mostly Stoon base wheels? For the weekly new promo they sidestepped the issue for a while with the weapon wheel, but people pull for armory tokens, not really for the weapons, so you couldn’t plausibly have more than one (also, cake collection for weapons sound weird). Maybe they’ll stop doing cake collections then.

Wonder how many people will be around in 4 months to find out.

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It’s not a big problem, cause I don’t play that much anymore actually I found a better game. And I don’t have velvet cakes anyway

Cake collections gonna die soon with s class being pullable directly from the wheel

Why do you think that?


  1. They’re still stuck on Guo
  2. No more double collection
  3. People will spend for direct pulls more than on velvet collection

I’ve been sitting on these velevet cakes for weeks waiting for Wangfa. But why would they give him for “free” if they can recycle his wheel, make me pull for him and /or his cards

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The daily/collection boxes take a while to get updated. For the daily roadmaps, we’re currently on Wangfa and it’ll include Diayu soon.

Same will occur with the museum collection boxes.

Also, you probably should have gotten that collection for 250 cakes. Even if it doesn’t include Wangfa, it’s worth it.

If you have that many and think they’re going away, I’d take the box tbh.

  1. Champion’s arena is stuck on Hengyen, but I don’t think it’ll go away soon.
  2. Double collections probably were too good of a deal for those who had them (huge spenders, who they would like to spend more, not less)
  3. I’m not sure about that. Certainly was like that for Mercer, but I think it’ll go down over time when the novelty wears off. And there’s probably players who like guarantees over gambling, who will simply not pull on the Sclass wheel at all.

That said, I could see them go away - if they want to keep running two old and one new promos a week, they’ll have to repeat the Stoons more than once, and I can’t see them do that and offer Velvet collections everytime, because at that point a lot of people will have them. (On the other hand, the cake itself is going to be a problem then. But still, I can’t see them hand out almost 500/1k collectibles as incidental war milestones forever.

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