New user interface changes or pryia buff question

Hi, I’ve noticed the toon stat changes to the user interface (I.e. toons now show their stats with leader and weapons buff in the team screen)

Priya is now showing as 5,248 attack in the museum but her base stats were:

My question: is it still 4,464 and the 5,248 is because of her weapon buff now showing on the toon screen - or did you buff her?

It’s also showing how much shell do with the veteran rings maxed out

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Useful thank you. So probably no buff just UI changes including ring and weapon

It has to do with the new update. It’s attaching her weapon to it. It goes even higher when she’s made leader and so on. She will show above 10k.

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Thank you. Seeing the over 5k and reading as basic was a bit jarring lol - just wanted to check. (She still brakes the game ofc, but a buff wouldve been crazy)

It’s cuz of veteran rings. Not just Priya but everyone’s stats got buffed in ascendance tower.

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