New Updated War Rewards

Often a lot to criticise things on here but I actually want to praise for once!! War rewards have got much better!! Like the new milestone reward!! Coming out of a war weekend with a s**t load of trainers, gear and mod boxes!! Actually finally making it worth warring on a weekend!! Good step in the right direction with war… now just start putting a toon as the reward too :wink:


Yes best reward structure I’ve seen in a war no toon but rest is good

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The token rewards for placements still suck for those who finish lower than they would in AoW (which goes for most factions). 200k milestone is great and the other milestones were solid aswell.


everything but victory tokens looked good in war, would suggest 100 v tokens for 1-5, 75 victory tokens for 6-10, 50 for 11-20, 25 for 21-50, 15 51-75, 10 76-100th place something like that would of been much better for victory tokens, and would of tempted more people into buying the victory token offers at the end of war

but far as gear/ trainers / milestones pretty much everything else looked 10x better, war rewards were the highlight of this war (fighting same team 2 shields/ revive/ bonus hp madness) made the war stale for me, need to somehow make some toons to get us away from this everyone and there grandma having multishield/revive teams


Ms and everything besides v tokens are definitely good. The whole v tokens thing is a joke. They’re holding onto the tighter than a Deb clutching their pearls. It’s not like they had to give them to us if they were gonna be so stingey.

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Agree with the V tokens comments, previous CRW we came 18th and got 60 tokens, this time same position gives 10 :confused:

I agree. Better rewards than we have seen for a while. 200k has been hard to get to for factions who aren’t continuously active though.

Yea other than the number of victory tokens I was happy with the rest

You may be talking about AOW. This previous CRW was the only one we had with this event.

Milestone and actual war rewards are two different things. Stop being satisfied with something that should have been Obvious to begin with. Y’all really are happy with being given gear for playing which should have been done from the start? Lmao you should wonder why tf #1 in crw get 135 victory tokens and the ftp players continue to get screwed over and not get a single pull from the last two weekends of events. It’s not about the top paying factions reaching milestones because that’s gonna happen regardless of whatever tf they put in there. We need everyone to be on par by just playing the game in general and not make them spend their way to get there.

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