New update will make radios even more useless


So radios are not very useful in the game once a certain level is reached. With update removing the ability to sell gear for food it will officially kill the use or need of radios!
So can you make it so we can sell radios for food to make up for the lost food and the uselessness of bronze and gold radios?


Can i smelt the bronze radios for crude bronze instead and sell the silver radios?


I have never used radios… i have stacks of em… should be able to sell em for food… the radio never helped Rick and Morgan in the walking dead either :stuck_out_tongue:

Coincidence? Lol


Not quite. It removes ability to sell SOME gear for food, other gear you can still sell for food.


I am pretty sure when it goes live none of the gear from the radio maps will be able to sell for food.


What’s your source? The official response says “Note that some Gear items sell for Food, while others sell for Gear Markers.”

And also beta confirms this.


LOL, good one


The original point I made is true, that gear from radios. The gear they are going to keep available is 1&2* for food not the gear you get from radios.


Ahh ok, I missed that. Thanks for the adult discussion.


Golden radio. What a joke