New update when will it come live?

hate to see ex from roadmaps/worldmaps and sr wasted

I heard it’s already live on iOS, android is pending.

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nice thanks☺

Had the update on iOS earlier but nothing has changed in game as yet apart from SR depot.

Guess no rebalancing of SR then. This company doesn’t know or care what Betas are for

Haven’t fixed restart loop for some of us beta users either, would be shocked if that doesnt make it to live update.

So that means Iphone pending


Hope Google will reject to put new update at store lol

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What would that accomplish? You couldn’t rip the new Rewards you couldn’t go beyond level 150…

I dont care about all shit that scopely gave us.

Oh OK I got it… Guess you’re just gonna have to roll with the punches and update when it comes. That is if you still want to play

The only change I’ve noticed are the walkers for SR which are a pain in the àss

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