New update ruined tapjoy offers

Offers seem to be fine on iphone but not android. I checked tapjoy offers before updating on my android phone and there were some available. I updated and now no offers available.

I’m not having any issues

Hmm not sure what is going on then. This is what I got after updating.

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Maybe try uninstalling and reinstalling. That might work

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same here several days ago :frowning:

Same here…

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i have the same thing. i think tapjoy has b@nned us cos if you sign into a fresh acc and look there are loads there

We don’t get any good offers in Europe, must be favouritism :man_shrugging:t3:

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Welcome to Hades k

had this so i swapped from phone to tablet see if it would fix it self nope tapshit banned me for that. They used good old trying get better offers

Lol bro, where are you from? 50K in WWW can be done in 1 day if u upgrade the missiles. My best offer is Rise of kingdom, upgrade city to level 12 and only por 877 coins.

I’m from Merica bro

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