New update rouinig arenas

Please help I downloaded new 17mb update and my arenas are gone. Pls can tpu look into it? It shows that there are no arenas atm

@LadyGeek @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely

It’s affecting everyone.

Ok. Should I pm him?

It hasn’t done any good pming.
It’s been hours and still no arenas.

Ye well. Do I het rewards? It suppose to be 6rings…

Depends if people bump you out.
No way to know what’s going to happen.
We are experiencing radio silence from the team.

Ye… that sux wow

Exactly why I havent updated it

im not doing this. might be taking my account and willing to sell it, :joy:

exactly why i did :smile:

i got locked out of arenas, for me its working as intended, couldnt stand it.

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Minha arena tá dando erro

Sorry I don’t have much more information. I know it’s being worked on, I’ve heard it may require another update to fix.

Keep an eye on the thread posted above and any other pinned threads that pop up.

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