New update messed up characters affiche

Whoever came with this idea is a caveman and don’t use his mind at all, the characters affiche (infos) should be shown all at once, its so important to see it this way not click and see rush alone, active skill alone etc…or at least u should include an option to see it that way like u see them differently from each place


Today I learned a new word

Although i agree it seemed to be better when you could see more info at once. New policy for Scopely seems to be to split everything up and let you only see one thing at a time. Just look at character reveals. Announcement, info, and discussion all used to be in one topic. Now it’s separated in 3 places


Totally agree with you, it’s scopley .
Do you know what is the test before you start working with scopley .?
They give you 9 points in a paper and a pen if you failed to do a line that connects all 9 points you’re hired if not sorry we don’t need you here .

All of them are easily visible at once in the skills tab. It’s not yet live in game because the trainer changes are still turned off, Scopely still need to flip a switch that actually moves trainers to the inventory. The new skills tab also contains the buttons to level up rushes and actives.

This screen was demonstrated in the annoucement:

Tenth screenshot, section “New Dossier”.

If you actually read the information they make available, you could save a lot of your complaining. In this case, looking at the pretty pictures would have been enough if reading is difficult for you.


Very good post until the last sentence :wink:

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I am literate enough and also can read pictures. Am I allowed to complain that in order to see what level my actives/rushes are I have to go one more click?

Also, I had great hope for the filters / search functions especially as it was praised to speed up leveling your toons… well, there is no persona filter. There is no checkbox for maxed rush… so when you want to complete the renown missions, you still have to select the toons from memory…

There’s good content being made, but some design choices are very questionable…


You’re not holdem.

Sure, everything has upsides and downsides. I think the extra click once in a while to see levels is acceptable. In exchange, you can see the full rush description wwithout needing to expand the view.

Seems like a reasonable suggestion for a new feature.

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My gripe is that even in that screenshot showing the skills, you don’t know the leader and/or specialist skill. So, instead of needing 2 screenshots to show what the character’s complete kit is, we now need 3.


Also seems like a reasonable change. I wasn’t sure about the leader skill, didn’t pay that much attention to this screen in beta so I didn’t remember whether it showed.

And it sort of was three screenshots before: One for expanded rush, one for expanded active, one for the weapon. Now it’s still three: one leader/specialist skill, one for rush/active, one for weapon.

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yeah this change was a big step backwards, people want to see the info scopely wants you to click here and here and here

I found 2 screenshots were usually enough: one with most of the AR/AS info shown, and the weapon. If you want to get technical about needing expanded AR/AS info (including what it starts at and what changes with each level), those are separate screenshots still.

I’m probably going to have to buy a collage program to get all the info in one shareable picture.

There’a TONs of blank space on that roster card… OK, full description might be in an extra window, but why not at least showing the leader/specialist icon and the rush/active level (cureent/max)?

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I found threre oftne was a bit missing from screenshots so that you couldn’t see the full active (nevermind the individual steps)

The GIMP is always free (and multi-platform) if necessary; takes a moment to get started with it though.

@YSpammer yeah, specialist Icon or leader skill description would be good there if they can make it fit

I’ve tried using the GIMP before. The learning curve was steep.

Besides, I think there are better mobile collage apps out there. I’m not going to create a process where I screenshot on mobile, grab the images and manipulate them on the laptop, then send them back to mobile to share them. It’s gotta be easier than that.

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