New update messed my YGL


My YGL mission is not popping up :frowning:


Did u saw the Update for YGL and did the Missions?


Counting the solo level up (3 times) and now (1 time) I have gotten it to pop 4 times in the past week or whatever it is.


I personally think it’s silly to be a high prestige and have no prestige missions until doing the first 10 gold missions. I understand why though and people having done most, maybe all of the gold missions, they hardly ever saw the ygl scavenger mission. Now they will be able to get it more often which it’s great! But they also took it away from a lot of people. I can’t say I see it as a fix if it makes it completely disappear for people who hasn’t met the new requirements. It’s like slapping a band-aid on a gunshot wound.


I have done all gold missions up to and including the gatekeeper (gold mission 18) and this new update hasn’t improved anything for me. In fact i have more missions in cool down then before. :frowning:


I got my YGL to pop again last night. (now the 6th time this week) :slight_smile: I am glad too, with all these level ups, I am food deprived, and gear to sell deprived.


Same here, matter of fact my next scav Mission doesn’t show up for a FULL day. I have four camps and three of them have nothing going on because there’s nothing available. Wth??



the only reasonable solution for You got Lucky mission is equal chance (=in mathematical terms, not scopely’s crappy definition) of it showing up for everyone.


Had 3 appear over the weekend, altoughj only able to make use of it twice.

It was in cool down last night - due to reappear around 1:30am - but ive woken up this morning and its gone?

Only wanted to level some 4*s for ascension :confused:


Ive seen that many times… Something has a cool down timer only to not be available after the timer. Why even have the timer if it isn’t going to be available?


Got it twice so far this level up.


I completed silence is golden it popped up once still waiting fir it to pop up again no sign of it :confused:


I’ll add on here an idea I’ve already mentioned why can’t the scroll down menu contain all the missions we have completed even if they are in cool down,at least we can see what we have, it can’t be hard for an update to this seeing as they already did one not long ago,and still ongoing that people can’t see ygl even though they have completed level 10 I hope @kalishane u will take this to your team to upgrade