New Update Here

The new update is out and it clearly stats Wheels etc updated but they are not, any news GR JB :hugs: We don’t want peeps to open those saved tokens without looking now do we :))))


That update is coming on Monday not today.

Nah I’ve just updated 5 minutes ago, it’s out now many have in my region to bud

The update goes live on Monday just because you downloaded it doesnt mean its live

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The update is slowly released, however the chages on the wheels, ascendance should be reflected on Aug 19th.

why so slow for update ? :disappointed_relieved:

Didnt take long for priya to get updated in game.


Scopley definitely have their priorities straight. It’s always money first with these morons.


S class Pete has been updated. That’s the most important thing after all.

You are saying the wheels etc aren’t updated in this update. The update with the wheels, tokens etc are coming on Monday. The game may have been updated, but that isn’t the update they are talking about and it is clearly stated on the forums here when that update should go live.

Sorry me being a noob, didn’t realise you had to wait until it goes live

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