New Update Glit


I am on android and have updates my game. The game is stuck on the assault tutorial frame. I have already uninstalled the game, cleared the data, and reset my phone. Any suggestions?


I don’t wanna sound like an arse, but you have tapped the ‘battle’ icon in bottom left of the screen, haven’t you?


force quit the game and start it back up


Probably did that when he uninstalled the game :wink:


Thanks for the wink friend, that made my day




Are you on a Samsung? Might be related to this

I think there also have been some problems coming up around various android apps that overlay the screen for night light filters and the like getting caught under security prevention against malicious apps that try to log app store info.

If neither of the above situations applies, I’d write in to CS with details of your account they might be able to find more relevant info about your account that might be impacting you.


collect your food… it’s giving me hives


No kidding. It’s a 2-second long press, done.

Not picking on you, OP, just a common sight and a minor pet peeve, I guess.