New update disables my access to play


Apparently as of like an hour or so ago, this game had an update that went live that requires iOS 8 to play. Well i am using an iPhone 4 to play, and I literally just got through spending money to buy pulls, and a half hour later I get a message saying I can’t play the game until I update which it can’t since iPhone 4’s don’t support iOS 8. Will there be any fix to this, or am I just completely screwed? I can’t even open the game, or update, and reinstalling does nothing.


According to the App Store, ios 8.0 or later. Maybe tag a developer. I would screenshot the app store requirements and use that as a justification for a refund.


It is ridiculous. I’ve been playing this game on this iPhone for like 2 years now, and had no problems, and now suddenly I get a forced update that just ruins all my money and time. Merry Christmas from scopely I suppose.


You can’t upgrade to ios8. But… You can upgrade to ios 9 on the iphone 4s. Check out the itunes store for a manual update


You got scopley’d


I just have a plain iPhone 4 :confused: and I’ve already been battling scopely for like 3 months over my main account with 50+ 5 stars that I lost on my android. I swear this company finds new ways to kill me :confused:


Clear you cache bro. Happened to me too.


Ps. If you ever bought something in the game with your old account and have the receipt and game id for that account you send it to support and they’ll let you in again


If you have iphone 4 you’re screwed unfortunately


I’m screwed too, using iphone4, have been playing the game over a year now. I don’t understand why this has to happen in the time of war. I’m soo angry😡


In all fairness, that is an OLD device. It’s not fair to ask any company to support tech that old.