New update broke survival road! Reset difficulty


After update I did survival road, I’m 204 and the stages are way too easy. I’m talking about insta killing anything. Completed 1-10 in like 5min. Thanks I guess?


You got better is all, bravo to you sir!


52000 damage to a walker… Sure my Shiva is god




why people are complaining about too easy…


Lol it feels like an exploit. Like some game Gaurdian hack


Llevel 299 walker


Free duct tapes ahoy!


Thanks lol


Anyone else notice that the reflect walkers on the fast toon only level were able to reflect through guardian shields?


So it sounds like this update broke quite a bit… guess scopely will roll it out still


As someone who’s rather bored on level 400, I’m hoping this update is laying the groundwork for an expansion to a much higher level, rebalancing the difficulty along the way and actually offering prizes worth the effort of completion. No delusions here, no sir!


New level ≠ same level with stronger opponents


Please be trolling